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Entrepreneurial Education Fund

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Contribute to this fund to help us build bridges with like-minded organizations that champion entrepreneurship in our communities. We aim to coordinate facilitating workshops, seminars and consultations to partner organizations. With your help, we will be able to successfully reach...
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BEED Conference

4% Donated/$71,500 To Go
The Black Economic & Entrepreneurship Development Conference & Expo (BEEDC) is an innovative outcome driven conference that leverages the organic processes of convening, through action, some of the greatest minds and advocates within the tech and community development space. Immersive...
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Unite for Action Index Fund

3% Donated/$29,000 To Go
Contribute to our fund to help us support other organizational initiatives that we care about. Your donation will be divided among a group of not-for-profits. Some organizations include 100 Black Men of PG County, Urban League and others.
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African American Studies in K-12 Fund

6% Donated/$14,000 To Go
Support our initiative to work on behalf of all African Americans in the United States to establish and mandate African American Studies courses at grades K – 12 to help curb the effects of centuries of racism.