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The Case for Mandatory Black History Curriculum in All US Public Schools

Knowledge of self, your history, and where you have come from is very important. It is important to know and celebrate your history and accomplishments in order to continue to progress in this society. As the saying goes, “Those who don’t know their past are doomed to repeat it”.

Besides what my mother taught me about my Black heritage growing up, I also had the luxury of learning more formal aspects of our history through books, music, one High School Black history course and more extensive black history studies while attending Howard University.

Had I not attended Howard University where our rich black history is taught more in-depth, I might have been ignorant to not only the many injustices that have occurred, but also to knowing the underlying cause of many of the issues that we typical analyze on a day-to-day basis.

In order for Blacks to progress, we need mandatory Black history curriculum taught in ALL public schools. Just like reading, math, and American history are taught and required at all levels, so should Black history. I propose that from grades one through five, we have a black history curriculum that does not sugarcoat how the enslaved were treated and the many accomplishments they made to this society in light of being enslaved. Each year should build upon previous years as not to regurgitate the same facts. There is enough rich black history and current events that impact the Black population to have unique curriculum from grades one through twelve. In high school, Black history should be mandatory all four years no matter what type of educational track the student is on. For too long, our history has been watered down and ignored by the majority and it is time that we stood up and fought to have our history taught in all public schools so that we teach people not to be ignorant of our past and can progress.