Join the Movement

Unite for Action (UFA) invites you to join the movement by becoming a member to address the following issues in the African American community as a whole:

  1. Channeling African American resources to companies/organizations that support the Black community.
  2. Building strong African American communities that influence the economy
  3. Support institutions dedicated to properly educating African American children for success
  4. Driving financial support to African American businesses that support one another
  5. Countering negative stereo-types of African Americans
  6. Helping to change un-just laws that adversely affect the African American community

Benefits of Platinum Membership…

Platinum members of UFA receive the following benefits:

Make A Difference – Ability to vote on the direction of committee initiatives

Professional Development – Access to ongoing free technical e-commerce business training

UFA T-Shirt – As a new member, you will receive your very own free UFA t-shirt

Networking – Access to ongoing mentoring and support

Free Empowerment Books - We will also send you free copies of:

  • PowerNomics and Black Labor, White Wealth by Dr. Claud Anderson
  • Internet Entrepreneurship 101 for African Americans by Jason A. Moore

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When was the last time you donated to help the Black community or even practiced group economics? Your donation will ultimately help our movement succeed. Any amount that you can afford would be appreciated. Your donation will help us to purchase operating equipment, maintain work space and resources used to spread our message and cause. Click the donate button below to get started with your donation to the cause.