The Movement

logo75x75By now, many of us, especially those of us within the African-American community, are clearly aware of the problems that plague the most vulnerable members of the African-American community.

High incarceration rates, skyrocketing unemployment, and low academic achievement are obviously the most pressing issues to date. However, many people also feel frustrated because, as individuals, they don’t  know what they can do to make a major difference, they’ve lost faith and trust in Black leadership, and they long for the days when African-Americans made united and concerted efforts to take personal responsibility for their own progress.

Highly-regarded members of the Black Intellectual community so eloquently explain how, why, and who is responsible for the degeneration of the African-American community, but the fascination has waned. People have grown tired of eloquent speeches and intellectual debates about what is happening to African-Americans, especially African-American youth, who so desperately need guidance and true leadership.

In fact, we all cry out for action, but what steps should we take? What should we do first? Who can we trust with our energy, commitment, time, and even our resources? Many times, we love to speak about societal and economic problems, analyze and observe from afar, but now it is time to for us to authentically unite and do something about issues that matter the most.

Inspired by the Dr. Claud Anderson’s PowerNomics® principles, Unite for Action is an organization that was created to address issues that negatively affect African-Americans from an economic perspective. Unite for Action believes that economic empowerment is the first and most important step towards true African-American empowerment, because whoever controls a group’s resources, controls the people.  Unite for Action is primarily concerned with addressing the following issues:

  • Making certain that African-Americans use their talents and resources to empower one another instead of dispersing and investing their talents and resources into people and companies that do not have an interest in the African-American community
  • Helping African-Americans to build stronger communities, regardless of where they exist, that will enable African-Americans to compete and thrive in a highly competitive global labor market and world economy.
  • Financially supporting schools of education that demonstrate an interest in successfully preparing African-American youth. For example, Urban Prep Academies, founded by Tim King, is an all-boys charter school that consistently has a 100% graduation rate and prepares college-ready graduating classes of students.
  • Financially supporting Black businesses, organizations, and  entrepreneurs  in hiring positions that employ African-Americans, thereby significantly reducing high unemployment rates.
  • Countering negative stereotypes of African-Americans in the media and elsewhere, making certain that our youth are not identifying and emulating negative stereotypes, and making certain that enough Black youth have access to positive role models and mentors in their communities
  • In the political arena, making certain that unjust laws and the judicial system isn’t skewed to target African-Americans and prevent them from being active and participating members of America’s political and voting system

Through knowledge building, community service, awareness and pooling of resources, we will engage in activities that promote the ideals to help change these current issues and our situation for the better. We must continually work together for a common purpose to tackle these issues that are adversely affecting the black community for us to continue to progress.

Getting involved

There are several ways to get involved and join the movement. You can apply to become a member of our organization, volunteering your time or donating to the cause.

Please view the video below to learn more about the principles of Powernomics®:



About Unite for Action’s founder:

Jason Moore was born in Berkeley, California. He was encouraged to excel in all that he did by watching his single mother after she and his father divorced and she moved her two kids back to Ohio where they grew up. She taught him to be very ambitious and she strived hard to succeed in her life as a registered nurse while supporting Jason and his brother. It was obvious from an early age that he was destined for success. In high school, Jason excelled at all he did, including the fact he became captain of the wrestling team after a year and he also received a belt in Kung-Fu but it was after high-school where he really excelled.

When he was accepted and left home to go to Howard University in beautiful Washington DC, Jason joined his father, a chemistry teacher at Howard University. His father is a PHD in the Bio-physical Chemist field and also specializes in anti-cancer drug interactions with DNA. His father is a man who has dedicated his life searching for ways to cure cancer.

At Howard University, Jason pursued his bachelor of business in the field of computer-based information systems and served as resident assistant. The position as resident assistant is one of very few desired student positions that you can get while at a university. While he held this position, Jason developed programs for students and upheld dormitory codes of conduct while serving as mediator between any student disputes.

While at Howard University, Jason also pledged with one of the most prominent and professional business fraternities, International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi and was also one of very few students to do an internship with Kraft Foods. Kraft is a consumer goods packaging company that is ranked number one in the US and number two internationally. Kraft Foods, which is based in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois, was where Jason worked as senior systems analyst for the next six years primarily developing internet based software applications. He developed the tools that were being used by Research scientists and Development engineers.

While in Chicago and working for Kraft, Jason discovered it was the perfect environment to get involved with community services and he used the advantage of it to the fullest. He became in involved in activities that specifically helped blacks and other groups, a public speaker, as well as chair and director for several councils and committees.

Jason’s extensive professional experience includes entrepreneurship, Information Technology (IT), business, business consulting, E-Commerce, SEO and online/digital marketing.

Jason’s LinkedIn Profile:

When was the last time you donated to help the Black community or even practiced group economics? Your donation will ultimately help our movement succeed. Any amount that you can afford would be appreciated. Your donation will help us to purchase operating equipment, maintain work space and resources used to spread our message and cause. Click the donate button below to get started with your donation to the cause.